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Connecting with Spirit Guidance & Higher Dimension


My goal is to assist you in finding the vision and quality in your life that you have been trying to bring forth.

Whether at a crossroads, feeling overwhelmed in your daily life, unfulfilled in relationships, have questions about career or money, or wish to connect with a loved one on the other side, I can help you meet your life's personal and professional goals.

I can assist you by giving answers to the questions that are most important to you. Sometimes in life we need a little assistance along the path to find our way.

There is a place of vision and clarity that lives within all of us, where the rhythm of life moves in harmony with a higher consciousness.  

I have always felt a presence within me and the knowledge of a higher purpose.  The path of Light was familiar, even when I first heard the term. To assist others in reaching for the Light amidst the darkness is the path I follow. 

Psychic Readings, Future Insights & Spirit Communication, Gift Certificates Available ~ Private or Phone Readings

Marie Rodgers
Intuitive Readings
Belwood, Ontario, Canada
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